Not Only Do You Need This —
You Deserve This!

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Collaboration is one of our greatest assets as teachers. When we work together, teachers win — and kids win, too. Having a "one-stop shop" to collaborate with other motivating, caring teachers is just something I can't pass up!
Gretchen W., Social Studies
  • Store and organize plans and materials using our cloud-based tagging system — find everything in seconds wherever your career takes you!
  • Discover shared work for ONE low monthly subscription (no upcharges ever)
  • Connect with members for discussion, advice, and even collaboration as part of a supportive, welcoming community.
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Goodbye to frustration. Hello to never losing your stuff again!

Find instructional materials in seconds whenever
you need them — and wherever your career
takes you.

Bluebird Teaching's intuitive framework allows you to organize your instructional practice and tag your materials with keywords for super easy access. Filter for the criteria you need, and all your choices appear on your desktop. What used to take forever, now takes mere seconds! Not only do you save time, but you also stay stress-free.

You can store all your lesson plans and materials, including texts, images, slide presentations, weblinks, graphic organizers, handouts, anchor charts, student work examples — even ideas and strategies that you always wanted to try but that seem to get lost in the busy day-to-day of teaching.

"Sharing" items allows the Bluebird Community to find, save, and modify your amazing work — without any changes whatsoever to your original! You are always in control of what you share and what you keep private.

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Goodbye to pay-as-you-go. Hello to time for real self-care! 

Sharing our best lesson plans and instructional materials as a community saves us all time, money, and sanity! 

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This is a community that supports each other!  As a member, you'll share your best lesson plans and teaching materials with the community, and you'll have access to the wealth of other teachers' shared resources — all included as part of your Bluebird Teaching subscription.


The money you'll save from buying individual items will cover the monthly subscription many, many times over. There are no tiers or premium fees for any of the materials — ever.


Bluebird Teaching members save time, too! These days, it often seems that teachers are expected to work 24/7. Who made that the norm? Bluebird Teaching members stand together to address this unacceptable assumption and help each other make teaching life more manageable, more balanced, and even more rewarding. Imagine having more time to take a walk, spend time with family and friends, or even do absolutely nothing! You deserve a balanced life.


Bluebird Teaching membership is good for you, good for your colleagues, good for your students, and good for your friends and families. This is more than "self-care." It's good instructional karma!



Goodbye isolation. Hello inspiration!

Engage in vibrant community conversation and find amazing collaborators!


When you become a member of the Bluebird Teaching community, you’ll have immediate and ongoing access to other perspectives and ideas as well as advice on best practices whenever it fits your schedule.

You can join existing discussions on topics from teaching strategies to addressing student behavioral concerns — or you can start your own by suggesting a topic or asking a question.

All members agree to a simple set of shared agreements that focus on kindness, constructive comments, and forming strong, vibrant, and lasting connections — no arguments or insults here.

Leap over geographic barriers and collaborate with like-minded teachers or simply exchange feedback. It’s easy to meet and work with people all over the country to develop lessons, activities, or even events.

Imagine being able to find opportunities to let students communicate, converse, and share ideas with those in a different geographic area. Now it’s possible — and easy!


Use the suggested collaboration categories or post your own “classified” message. Learn what other teachers are thinking and doing — you’ll stay inspired and energized!

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