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The Bluebird Teaching Platform At-a-Glance!

Enjoy a sneak preview of the features you'll have at your fingertips as soon as you sign up!

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Check out the Bluebird Teaching Platform Homepage! Cute, huh?

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Every time we see this, we can't help smiling! Once you subscribe, you'll smile, too. These blue buttons are your keys to a better teaching experience. In the upper right corner, you'll have access to setting up and updating your profile.

Upload multiple files using cloud storage & access no matter where your career takes you! 

.ppt .doc .rtf .xls .csv .pdf .jpg .txt .mp3 .wav .wma .pages and more!

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Our cloud-based storage is a breath of fresh air! Using tags and filters eliminates the need for cumbersome mazes of folders in various email drives.

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You can store, organize, and sort through your teaching materials in a flash using various filters, such as content area, material type, and keywords -- among many others. No more searching in folders! 

When you click "Upload New," tagging and storing your teaching materials is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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Discover Shared Materials

Save time and money when you browse, select, and save shared files in our "Discover" section.

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Follow our four little birds to select your desired filters. More filters gives you more specific results. Think about expanding your search by grade level to find educational materials you can easily adapt for the students you teach. Member participation in our new educational network builds shared resources for the good of all teachers.

Discover shared educational materials. Download them for classroom use. 

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Join a Budding  Educational Network of Teachers 

Take part in a conversation, ask a question, request materials, find a collaborator, join a group, get support, find inspiration and take time to relax. In other words, "Connect" on our dedicated Bluebird Teaching Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

These vibrant social "Connect" spaces take on deeper meaning when members come together who are also organizing their instructional materials and sharing their best work with each other. Imagine finding a great activity and then also getting to know the creator! 


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