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The Bluebird Teaching Mission

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We believe that while teaching can be a special calling, it is also an incredibly demanding profession. It is a large part of who we are, but it is not all that we are.


For too long, teachers have been crushed under the weight of data, grading, planning, and paperwork, without the time to fly free to finally realize their full potential in this remarkable human endeavor. Bluebird Teaching is designed to ease that pressure by providing a community where teachers can help each other not just survive but thrive. 

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Our mission is based on three goals:

  • Develop a supportive community for teachers to organize materials, share resources, communicate new ideas, find solutions to problems, nurture professional expertise, and save time to enjoy a healthy, balanced life.

  • Spread joyful and creative energy among members of our profession.

  • Foster communication and collaboration between and among teachers to develop and strengthen relationships and support among educators beyond geographic barriers.


Dr. Leslie Palmer

Teacher & Founder, Bluebird Teaching

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