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Bluebird Teaching, a teaching tool developed by teachers for teachers, is designed to be THE place where teachers come together to save time, money, and sanity!


  • Organize your instructional resources using our innovative system, and find what you need in seconds.

  • Access a world of community-shared teaching materials included as part of your subscription - no more pay-per-item.

  • Connect and collaborate with a community of teachers and colleagues across the country for planning, discussion, and more.

This is authentic self-care and professional development that makes a real difference. Together we thrive!

Join our email list and we’ll send you an exclusive promo code for HALF-PRICE membership once we launch (just $6.49 a month) for TWO FULL YEARS!


This "Early Bird" offer will fly away soon, so sign up today!

Thank you for your interest! We will keep you updated on our progress. Be on the lookout for a special email in August with your half-off for two years subscription promo code. We hope to welcome you as part of our Bluebird Teaching community!

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If You're a Teacher,
You Need This!   

Platform Launching August 2021!

(Mobile Users: Scroll down to get notifications and an exclusive offer.)

The Bluebird Teaching Platform at a Glance

Bluebird Teaching is soaring above the usual ways teachers organize, share, connect, and collaborate to bring you a community where talented, creative, and supportive education professionals are coming together to find their teaching bliss.

When teachers help teachers, everyone wins!  

No more getting lost in a maze of file folders! 

Store and organize all your lesson plans and teaching materials using tags and keywords that allow you to search and find exactly what you're looking for in seconds.


You'll never lose a single thing again, no matter where your career takes you. You always choose what to share with the community and what stays private!

teacher working on her science lesson plan

Good teaching karma is real!

Browse, discover, select, and even modify amazing teaching lessons and educational materials shared by the Bluebird Teaching community as part of your monthly subscription.


The low monthly subscription literally pays for itself — no premium upcharges ever!

teacher presenting her instructional resources

A caring community = time for true "self-care"!


Save time and stress with a community that's always there and ready to help.

Connect with other educators for discussion on topics that really matter. You can find partners with whom to bounce ideas back and forth, plan lessons and share teaching materials together!

teacher with his math resources
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