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About Bluebird Teaching

Bluebird Teaching is developed by teachers for teachers to ease the pressure and feelings of isolation by providing a community where we as teachers can take back our time — and have a little fun, too! 

Our long-term goal for Bluebird Teaching is to help make the education profession stronger and better to attract — and keep — the best teachers. When we come together and support one another as the Bluebird Teaching community, we all thrive!

Original Bluebird From Mom.jpg
This is the original bluebird, created in 1997, that inspired our name, Check out our Blog to read the full story in, How Bluebird Teaching Got Its Name.

Our Mission:

  • Develop a supportive community for teachers to organize materials, share resources, nurture professional expertise, and save time to enjoy a healthy, balanced life.

  • Foster communication and collaboration between and among teachers to develop and strengthen relationships and support among educators beyond geographic barriers.

  • Create opportunities for authentic, self-directed self-care that acknowledges and respects the professionalism of educators. Teachers know best what teachers need.

"I strive to make my classroom a community for my students, so naturally, I was overjoyed to see that Bluebird Teaching has created a community for teachers — a place to share ideas, seek advice, and connect with so many educators like myself."

—Kate G., Elementary Intermediate

Bluebird Teaching Bird Icon

"I love collaboration, sharing ideas, and learning from other teachers! We each teach in an environment unique to ourselves but being able to share those experiences and expertise is such a valuable aspect of any great teacher community. And I adore that Bluebird Teaching started from a place of love and support for all teachers!"

—April R., Art

Bluebird Teaching Bird Icon

The Bluebird Teaching Team

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